Income and Wealth Inequality: Drivers and Consequences
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From September 27 to 29, 2023, an international scientific conference titled "Income and Wealth Inequality: Drivers and Consequences" took place at Gdansk University of Technology. The event was organized by the Faculty of Management and Economics at Gdansk University of Technology in collaboration with the Luxembourg Income Study (LIS).

Over the course of three days, the conference featured the latest research achievements in the field of income and wealth inequality from theoretical, empirical, and comparative perspectives. The discussions also delved into the role of public policy and technological progress in the evolution of inequality, as well as understanding the economic and social consequences of increasing inequality.

The conference was complemented by the remarkable atmosphere of Gdansk University of Technology's campus. In total, over 50 scholars from around the world presented their research findings, including speakers from four continents. Keynote speakers were invited to deliver presentations:

  • Daniele Checchi (University of Milan) on "Hours Inequality."
  • James E. Foster (The George Washington University and OPHI, University of Oxford) on "Multidimensional and Specific Inequalities."
  • Susan Harkness (University of Bristol) on "Gender Equality: Why it Matters to Income Inequality."
  • Branko Milanovic (City University of New York and Stone Center on Socio-Economic Inequality) on "Two Centuries of Global Inequality with a Focus on the Past 30 Years."
  • Philippe Van Kerm (University of Luxembourg and LISER) on "The Long-run Trends in Assortative Mating and its Contribution to Income Inequality in the US."
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