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KROK Business School in partnership with National Association of Mediators of Ukraine (NAMU) held a number of events within the framework of Mediation Month, an annual initiative of NAMU, which is held to educate and popularize mediation in Ukraine.

On November 30,  webinar in the format of Mediation Talk "Mediation skills in people management" was held. Speakers of the KROK Business School - Nataliya Kalinina, PhD, associate professor of KROK Business School, instructor of the "Master of Mediation and Conflict Resolution" program, HR with many years of experience, and Maksym Oliferovsky, director of  "New Hope Center",   the charitable organization - raised the urgent question "How can they help knowledge and skills of mediation in managing people and organizing peaceful productive work?". During the webinar, the participants had the opportunity to form their own opinion about the possibilities of using mediation skills in the work of managers, what skills and how can a manager master to prevent and resolve conflicts, and is it even permissible for a manager to act as a mediator?

On December 1, another event was held, which aimed to popularize mediation as an effective solution to conflicts - a webinar for employees of the Dnipro office of the European Business Association (EBA), which was held by Kateryna Prysiazhniuk, head of the Dnipro office of EBA and master's student of the "Mediation and Conflict Resolution" program at the KROK Business School. Webinar participants not only learned about the potential of mediation to resolve conflicts and disputes in the business environment, but also did practical exercises aimed at developing conflict resolution skills.

On December 7, the webinar "Mediation in the Netherlands" was held, the speaker of which was Jan van Zwieten, Prof Dr.h.c., RI, RA, RO, IRM (Netherlands), rector of the Netherlands Business Academy, mediator. Professor van Zwieten shared with the Ukrainian community of mediators the experience of the Netherlands, where mediation has become a procedure trusted by society.

On December 14, KROK Business School was visited by Prof. Jan van Zwieten who held a practical workshop on the topic "7 steps in mediation". Students of the "Master of Mediation and Conflict Resolution" program took part in the offline workshop, who had the opportunity to learn more about the mediation pyramid, the use of coaching technologies in resolving disputes and conflicts, and effective work with the emotions of conflicting parties. The workshop was filled with exercises, simulations, and role-plays, and the air raid siren did not stop it, only affecting the fact that the participants moved to a safer place.

Mediation Month finished with the conference "Mediation today: professional and ethical policies, standards, institutionalization", which was attended by Olga Karpova, CEO of the KROK Business School. During the conference, attendees discussed the issues of ethics, the role of the state and lawyers in the development of mediation, the quality of services, the standards of training mediators in Ukraine, the rights, duties and opportunities of mediators, as well as further ways and current directions for the development of mediation in Ukraine.

KROK Business School contributes to the development of mediation in Ukraine and shares a positive experience, namely creates conditions for the professional growth of mediators and conflict management managers in Ukraine, implementing the master's program "Mediation and conflict resolution" and the certificate program "Basic skills of a mediator". A professional team of instructors-practitioners forms the profession of mediator in Ukraine, organizing work not only to provide academic-level knowledge and practical skills, but also to conduct relevant research and innovations.

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