MCI Showcases Impressive Progress in Responsible Management and Sustainable Development Efforts
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MCI | The Entrepreneurial School® proudly presents its 6th UN PRME Sharing Information on Progress (SIP) Report 2022-2023, highlighting significant progress in responsible management education and support for the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Over the past two years, MCI has excelled in integrating sustainability principles across its operations and academic programs. Key achievements include hosting the successful 9th Responsible Management Education Research Conference and organizing the inaugural MCI Sustainability Week, engaging stakeholders in driving sustainable development.

MCI's commitment to responsibility, sustainability, and social impact was further recognized with the award of a UNESCO Chair for Futures Capability for Innovation and Entrepreneurship, which has a focus on sustainable development. The Entrepreneurial School® has also intensified efforts to embed the SDGs into teaching, learning, and research activities, enriching its portfolio of study programs and extracurricular opportunities, and contributing research outputs especially in the areas of health (SDG 3), renewable energies (SDG 7), industry, innovation & infrastructure (SDG 9), ethics and EU values (SDG 16), and responsible consumption & production (SDG 12).

In addition to these academic endeavors, MCI has actively addressed its environmental footprint by joining the Climate Alliance Tyrol, founding a dedicated Climate Team, and enhancing engagement opportunities for students and staff. Building on these accomplishments, MCI emphasizes the pressing need for accelerated action towards the SDGs and invites stakeholders to join its journey towards a more sustainable future.

"For us, this report signifies not only our achievements but also our continued dedication to driving positive change," says MCI Rector Andreas Altmann. "We are committed to leveraging our resources, networks, and influence to accelerate progress towards the SDGs, and we invite others to join us in this vital endeavor."

The report also includes the sustainability goals of the Entrepreneurial School® for the next few years. Planned activities for 2024 include the second MCI Sustainability Week in the first week of June, the summer academy SOAK Biomimicry 2024 in collaboration with the Cooperation Sustainable Universities, and the certificate program “Green Transition & ESG Management”.

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