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It is well known that the expression "creative destruction as the engine of capitalism" was popularized by and is most associated with Joseph Schumpeter, a great Austrian-born economist and sociologist.
What is less known, is that after taking his PhD at the University of Vienna in 1906, Schumpeter became a professor of Economics and Government at the University of Czernowitz (now Chernivtsi) in modern-day Ukraine in 1909-11. There he wrote his brilliant Theory of Economic Development, emphasizing the role of innovation and entrepreneurship. Local Czernowitz newspapers of that time mentioned Schumpeter’s frequent public Vorstellungen (presentations, performances, ideas, visions).
Building on this legacy, a group of economists and public leaders from Chernivtsi National University have launched the Schumpeter School of Innovation (SSI) with the mission to study and promote creative destruction and non-disruptive creation in both the private and public sector, with Vorstellung as one of the prime methods of delivering educational content. 

Intrigued by a quite narcissistic portrait of an entrepreneur that Schumpeter draws in his Theory of Economic Development, the Schumpeter School invited a Professor of Psychology and Psychotherapy from the University of Medicine, a Freudian scholar (Sigmund Freud, who published his book On Narcissism at the beginning of the 20th century in Vienna, might have influenced young Schumpeter) to deliver his Vorstellung on Destructive and Constructive Narcissism in Leadership and Management.

In addition to these discussions, the Schumpeter School offers no less innovative organizational and executive development programs for both the private and public sectors. To create a new market, build innovative business models, and transform their business, our participants are using the Blue Ocean Studio™ - an interactive and collaborative platform, powered by the tools and frameworks introduced in the two bestselling books by INSEAD Professors of Strategy and #1 Management Thinkers in the World, Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne. Their “reconstructionist view of strategy is built on the theory of endogenous growth. The theory traces back to Joseph A. Schumpeter… Schumpeter argues that innovation can happen endogenously and that its main source is creative entrepreneurship”, Professors Kim and Mauborgne write in Blue Ocean Strategy.

The Schumpeter School of Innovation plans to launch its MBA and MPA programs focused on innovation and entrepreneurship in 2022.

More information on the school can be accessed at 

Photo: Local artist Anatol Fedirko presents his suprematist impression of Joseph Schumpeter to School co-founder Pavlo Sheremeta in the yard of the old Czernowitz Universität building, where Schumpeter worked 110 years ago

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