Prof. Danica Purg Discusses the Impact of Ukraine War on Business Schools in Financial Times Interview
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In a recent feature by the Financial Times, Prof. Danica Purg, the founding director of IEDC Bled School of Management in Slovenia and the president of CEEMAN, shared valuable insights into the challenges faced by Central and Eastern European (CEE) business schools due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.

The Financial Times article, titled "Ukraine War Tests Business Schools’ Resilience," highlights the resilience of these institutions amidst significant geopolitical changes. Prof. Purg emphasized the impact of the war on student enrollment and faculty exchanges, particularly noting the decline in participants from key markets like Russia and Ukraine.

Under Prof. Purg's leadership, IEDC Bled, established in 1986, has navigated numerous political and economic shifts, including Slovenia's transition from the former Yugoslavia. The Ukraine war presents a new test, affecting not only IEDC Bled but also other business schools in the region.

To adapt, IEDC Bled and similar institutions are diversifying their recruitment efforts. Prof. Purg mentioned a focus on students and corporate clients from less affected regions such as Central Asia and Western Europe. This strategic shift aims to compensate for the reduced enrollment from Russia and Ukraine and to foster international diversity within these schools.

The article also referenced the broader landscape of business education in CEE nations. Significant milestones, such as global accreditations from AACSB International and Equis, run by the EFMD Global management development network, have contributed to the growing recognition and appeal of these schools internationally.

In addition to IEDC Bled, other institutions like the Stockholm School of Economics in Riga and Kozminski University in Poland were mentioned. These schools have evolved to meet the changing needs of the region, including updating curriculums to reflect current geopolitical realities or seeking to diversify their funding sources.

CEEMAN, as a management development association with a focus on CEE schools, stands at the forefront of these developments. The insights shared by Prof. Purg in the Financial Times are a testament to CEEMAN's commitment to addressing contemporary challenges and advancing the quality of management education in the region.

Credit: Luka Dakskobler
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