Publishing House of Wroclaw University of Economics and Business 1955-2022 Exhibition
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"Publishing house of Wroclaw University of Economics and Business 1955-2022" is the title of the exhibition prepared as part of the celebration of the 75th anniversary of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business. The 75 years of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business and the accompanying exhibitions, provide an excellent occasion to recall the history of the Publishing House closely linked with this institution, to present its current activities and outline the future challenges and opportunities arising in the contemporary trends and needs.

The story of the WUEB's Publishing House started out in 1955, when the Publications Unit was created within the University structures. Its main task was to aid the didactic process carried out by the then Wyższa Szkoła Ekonomiczna. The functioning of the Publications Unit was regulated by the circular letter of the Minister for Higher Education, which stipulated that all the university publications could be printed and copied only on a small scale, and the print runs of academic journals and other publications could not exceed 300 copies. The publications were printed on paper supplied by the University itself, and were also distributed by its own means, and reports on the publication of each of its titles had to be submitted to the Publications Department in the Ministry of Culture and Art.

Nowadays with the University actively pursuing scientific cooperation with other academic centres in Poland and abroad, the policies of the Publishing House have been undergoing further changes aimed at increasing the participation of non-University authors in the published issues, and publishing in English. Hence the journals are being transformed from the University publications to international ones, creating a national forum for exchanging views, and present the results of research conducted mainly in such fields as economics and finance, management, and quality sciences.

In the period 2015-2022, the Publishing House has left its mark in the index databases. In this 75th jubilee year of the Wroclaw University of Economics and Business its journals can be accessed in the following databases: AGRO, BazEkon, The Central European Journal of Social Sciences and Humanities, The Central and Eastern European Online Library, Centrum Otwartej Nauki, Ebsco, ERIH Plus, and in Dolnośląska Biblioteka Cyfrowa.

As part of the pro-development activities the Publishing House has undertaken collaboration with such entities as CrossRef (regarding the use of DOI numbers), Turnitin LCC (the use of the anti-plagiarism program, iThenticate), DeGruyter (regarding services in production, marketing, distribution, and consulting for selected journals), and EBSCO (popularising monographs).

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