RTU becomes part of the «EIT Digital» knowledge and innovation community
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In order to promote digital innovation, integration of Riga Technical University (RTU) into the network of digital innovation partners, as well as to improve digital skills of students and faculty members, the RTU Council approves the university's participation in the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT) knowledge and innovation community «EIT Digital».

Membership of «EIT Digital» will help RTU to support the commercialisation of student and researcher ideas, access to a range of grants, online training, access to a wide network of investors and partners, opening up unprecedented growth opportunities in digital innovation. «EIT Digital» activities will be implemented by the RTU Science and Innovation Centre (SIC), which has so far provided the «EIT RawMaterials» and «EIT Urban Mobility» representation in Latvia.

Work is already underway to prepare new project applications and attract co-funding to boost the capacity of students, faculty and industry to develop cybersecurity skills in line with labour market demand. The implementation of such projects is particularly relevant in the context of the NIS2 Directive, just approved by the European Parliament, which aims to ensure a high level of cybersecurity across the European Union.

With the spring semester, RTU is launching high-level digital skills courses, and this year the Faculty of Computer Science, Information Technology and Energy (FCSITE) will offer the «EIT Digital» Master School's Master's programme «Fintech for Business» alongside other leading European technology universities.

In cooperation with the training centre «Magnetic Profesional» Ltd, RTU will organise an international summer school «Cyber Security - Agile Methodology for Developing New Solutions» from 8 to 12 July with the support of «EIT Digital». The summer school is planned to involve the Liepaja City Municipality and RTU Liepaja Academy, focusing on the challenges of civil protection, as well as the challenges of 5G open network of mobile operator and technology innovation company «LMT».

«By joining the «EIT Digital» Knowledge and Innovation Community, RTU has the opportunity to strengthen its digital innovation capacity and expand its network of partnerships. Given the role of digitalisation in strengthening education, science, innovation and institutional excellence, membership in this community will allow us to adopt already developed solutions and tools, as well as to ensure knowledge exchange, improve digital skills of students and academic staff, and attract the interest of international professionals to Latvia. Participation in this community will also ensure a seat at the table alongside other leading European partners in various digital innovation projects," says Liene Briede, RTU Innovation Vice-Rector.

«EIT Digital» is Europe's largest digital innovation and education ecosystem, which dates back to 2010 when it was created with the aim of making Europe a global leader in digital technologies. With more than 1400 members, their activities and projects now contribute billions of euros to the ecosystem. The «EIT Digital» Partner Community is made up of more than 350 of Europe's leading corporations, SMEs, start-ups, universities and research institutes from across Europe.

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