RTU will continue to support the work of ukrainian students and scholars during the war
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For two years now, since the war in Ukraine, Riga Technical University (RTU) has been supporting Ukrainian students, lecturers and scientists who have taken refuge in Latvia and continue their work and studies here. RTU will continue to support Ukraine until the end of the war and beyond, when it is time to rebuild the country and repair the damage caused by the war.

Photo: Elīna Karaseva, RTU

«Although it seems that the world is already used to the war in Ukraine and tired of providing assistance, it is only apparent, because it is quieter and perhaps more invisible in everyday life, but the people of Latvia and the RTU family are together with Ukraine and Ukrainians and still continue to lend a helping hand to the people who so persistently and fearlessly fight for their country and their independence,» says RTU Rector Tālis Juhna.

At the beginning of the war, RTU opened its doors to Ukrainian students, teachers and scientists who were forced to leave their homes, work and study environment for the war and found refuge in Latvia. Today, RTU has more than 100 students from Ukraine and a total of 13 faculty members and researchers.

RTU scientists have several cooperation projects with Ukrainian colleagues. For example, RTU Faculty of Civil and Mechanical Engineering scientists are working with the National Technical University of Ukraine on a project on the development of rapidly deployable buildings and their energy systems. Scientists from the Faculty of Computer Science, Information Technology and Energy, together with colleagues from Lutsk National Technical University, Chernihiv National University of Technology and SNT Ukraine, are developing a strategy for the digital transformation of education in Ukraine and Moldova. During the Spring Semester 2024, members of the teaching staff from the National Technical University of Ukraine and Simon Kuznets Kharkiv National University of Economics will visit the RTU Faculty of Engineering Economics and Management to deliver guest lectures to the RTU students under the Erasmus+ Teaching Mobility Programme.

RTU has signed cooperation agreements with many higher education institutions in Ukraine, and further cooperation is planned with several institutes of the Ukrainian Academy of Sciences.

RTU is together with Ukraine. For two years now, the Ukrainian flag has been flying at RTU campus in Ķīpsala along with RTU flags, showing the RTU family's support for the Ukrainian people and faith in the victory of justice.

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