Shorter GRE® Test Coming September 2023
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As of September 22nd, the GRE General Test will take less than 2 hours to complete — roughly half the time of the current test. This makes the GRE General Test the shortest and most efficient test for graduate, business and law school admissions. The shorter GRE test will continue to provide test takers and institutions with the same valid and reliable scores.

Changes to the test include:

  • Removal of the “Analyze an Argument” task in the Analytical Writing section
  • Reduced number of questions in the Quantitative and Verbal Reasoning sections
  • Removal of the unscored section

In addition to test changes, test takers can expect to receive their official scores much faster, in just 8-10 days. These changes mark the first of several planned future updates to the GRE General Test, all of which are intended to provide test takers with a better experience that values their time and reduces anxiety and fatigue.

“The changes we’re announcing today underscore the emphasis we place on keeping our customers at the center of all that we do,” said ETS CEO Amit Sevak. “As we continue to introduce product innovations, we’re committed to balancing two things — maintaining rigor and validity, while improving the test-taker experience.”

Beginning in September, test takers can access official GRE test prep resources and practice tests designed for the newer streamlined test. Since the shorter test has the same question types (except for the removal of the Analytical Writing “Analyze an Argument” essay), test takers can continue to use the existing Official GRE Prep materials.

The GRE will continue to be the most valid, reliable and secure assessment of graduate readiness in the world, just in less time. The score scales will also remain the same, allowing graduate programs to easily compare performance across individuals who test before and after September 2023.

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