Student club SDG Legion AlmaU entered the top three best student teams in the world
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At the annual meeting of PRME (Principles of Responsible Management Education) in New York City, the student club SDG Legion AlmaU was awarded the second place among the best teams of the PRME Student Organizations Awards. A list of our 10 students was spoken at the ceremony and posted on their website.
Student club SDG Legion AlmaU was established in September 2022. SDG Legion is a student organization that promotes, disseminates and implements the ideas of the UN SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Together with the Institute of Economic Research, we conducted the Business Game "Mission 2030". Also, with the support of Air Astana JSC and Huawei, they held the Youth Forum “Innovative Solutions and Leadership in ESG and the UN SDGs”, the Women’s Forum “Girls are changing the world for the better”, Model UN “ALMA MUN” and one charity event to collect things for the residents of Ekibastuz during the breakdown of the thermal power plant (ReUse). A study was conducted on the "Harassment of girls in public transport." Members of the SDG Legion demonstrate a commitment to promoting socially responsible education. Their proactive approach includes using social media and research to empower and educate the younger generation.

In January 2020, Almaty Management University and Lehigh University began fruitful cooperation with the participation of students and teachers from both educational institutions. As part of the Global Social Impact Fellowship, more than 20 students and several faculty members from two universities have collaborated on the implementation of innovative and educational projects in the field of sustainable development: Air Pollution, Food Insecurity, Central Asian Research Network.

The 2023 PRME Student Organization Awards are of particular significance and importance in the context of the integration and development of the student community. According to the director of the Center for Sustainable Development and ESG and the founder of the SDG Legion club - Nurgaliev Ainar, getting the second place among all international organizations of PRME participants is a great achievement not only for AlmaU but for all universities in Central Asia. This honorary award is like a guiding sign showing that we are moving in the right direction. This inspires our club members to great achievements. I also planned ambitious tasks for the club, to conduct master classes on the SDGs in all schools in Almaty. So that all schoolchildren in the city of Almaty would know about the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the work that is being done at our university to achieve these goals.

Also, such awards inspire students to develop and improve their initiatives in the field of SDGs. Receiving such awards can encourage students to continue their work, find new approaches and promote the values of responsible management. This can help create an ideal environment for the development of future leaders who can meet global challenges and bring about positive change.

The 2023 PRME Student Organization Awards play an important role in recognizing, stimulating, and supporting students who are committed to responsible and sustainable development. These awards help create a better future for business, society, and the student community itself.

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