The impact of CSR in MBS Research: key figures, publications and upcoming events
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Since 2015, 25% of the intellectual contributions produced by the Montpellier Business School Faculty Researchers deal with CSR and Sustainable Development. These publications then directly feed into the content of programs and managerial practices. Action research and development of new tools: let’s focus on the activities of the 5 MBS Chairs.

CSR is at the forefront of the 5 MBS Chairs’ activities. At the international level, the COAST Chair was awarded a few months ago a public funding of 406,000 euros over 4 years in the framework of the Horizon Europe ENFASYS project. “The objective of the project is to initiate a fair and rigorous transition towards sustainable, productive, climate-neutral, biodiversity-friendly and resilient agricultural systems. The role of MBS in this project is central as it is the COAST Chair that is in charge of identifying leverage points and strategies for behavioral change among farmers,” said Dr. Domenico Dentoni, co-holder of the Chair and principal researcher of the ENFASYS project.

On a national and local scale, the MIND Chair focuses its research on the development of new CSR measurement tools for companies and organizations. This year, the MIND Chair was able to contribute to the development of two new platforms: firstly, Mixity Campus, a tool dedicated to measuring and monitoring diversity and inclusion in the French “grandes écoles” and higher education establishments, and secondly, Autodiag, in collaboration with the AFMD, to enable companies to evaluate their Diversity & Inclusion practices and the performance of their employer brand.

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Another example of the recognition of the CSR skills of the MBS Faculty: the Pegase Chair and Dr. Paul Chiambaretto have been invited to join the Sustainable Aviation Observatory, set up by the Ministry of Transport, whose objective is to examine the impact of air transport on climate change and to initiate the necessary actions to achieve carbon neutrality of the sector by 2050.

Finally, the CSR expertise of MBS professors is also solicited to establish diagnoses and publications of international scope. This is the case of the BEST Chair (Business Entrepreneurship for Sustainable Transformation, formerly known as ESI), which has been asked, along with Dr. Franck Lasch and Labex Entreprendre, to draw up the national report for France of the Global Entrepreneurship Monitor (GEM), in order to deconstruct certain preconceived ideas and to propose good practices to encourage entrepreneurial activity among all publics.

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