UEHS establishes cooperation with PKP Informatyka
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On February 22, 2024, the University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw established cooperation with PKP Informatyka, a company specialising in IT, belonging to the PKP Group (Polish State Railways). The signatories of the agreement were the Rector of the UEHS, Prof. Konrad Janowski, and the President of the Management Board of PKP Informatyka, Mr Tadeusz Turzyński.

The ceremony was attended by the deans of the School of Computer Science and Technology, Dr Jerzy Królikowski and Mr Piotr Michalski, and the School of Social Sciences, Prof. Tomasz Kownacki, along with the representative of the Internal security, Cybersecurity, Criminology and forensic science programmes, Dr Tomasz Wierzchowski, and invited students of the Scientific Circle of Security and Forensic Sciences.

The agreement outlines the cooperation between the UEHS and PKP Informatyka. Specifically, it pertains to advice provided by PKP Informatyka to the University on assessing the current and future needs of the socio-economic environment. This is done in order to best adapt the curriculum and teaching content to these needs, with the aim of preparing students for their future careers. Employees of PKP Informatyka will conduct meetings with students from the School of Computer Science and Technology, and the School of Social Sciences, to introduce them to the opportunities and conditions for cooperation. Partners will participate in mutual image, marketing and promotional activities. Other practical activities enabling students of Cyber security and Informatics to undertake work placements, internships or social projects will take place as well. Knowledge, skills and competences acquired by students in the jointly implemented block of subjects will be assessed. Furthermore, the aim of the agreement is The aim is to collaborate on scientific, practical or implementation projects and secure external funding for joint initiatives.

During the meeting, participants listened to a lecture by the Rector of the UEHS and the President of the Management Board on plans for cooperation between the University and the IT business. They also visited the Security Operations Centre (SOC) to learn about the cyber security team's problem-solving process and how they monitor events in the area of cyber security.

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