Workshops at the UEHS in Warsaw for future leaders
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The University of Economics and Human Sciences in Warsaw held Talent Classes where students learned about the challenges of the modern labor market. They were conducted by Talent Days, Poland's largest job and career fair that helps young people discover their talents. Talent Classes were for both Polish- and English-speaking students.
The UEHS offers a variety of workshops and trainings that are focused on building practical skills needed in the rapidly changing labor market to help students become the best candidates for their desired jobs. That is why this year’s summer started with a workshop devoted to the development of young talent. Its topic was "From class to career: nail your interview and CV!".

An experienced recruiter from Warner Bros. Discovery shared the knowledge of the demands of the modern labor market and the qualities that companies value most during the Talent Classes. The UEHS students gained knowledge on creating a concise, attractive CV and the most typical interview questions. The recruiter also discussed the employer's perspective on the hiring process and the best methods for creating a positive first impression.

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