Woxsen University Celebrates the Success of INFINITY 24 - An event of Innovative Thought and Leadership
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Woxsen University celebrated the success of its INFINITY 24 event on January 9th, 2024, featuring inspiring talks and insightful panels. Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez emphasized innovative teaching in his opening address. The event also included panels on evolving leadership, sustainable innovation, and policy innovation in the digital age. It showcased innovative projects and technologies, promoting collaboration among attendees.

Woxsen University is thrilled to announce the immense success of its INFINITY 24 event, held on January 9th, 2024. This prestigious event was marked by the presence of distinguished speakers who enriched the discourse with their insights and expertise.

The event kicked off with an inspiring opening address by Dr. Raul V. Rodriguez, emphasizing Woxsen’s innovative teaching approach and commitment to fostering critical thinking.

A highlight of the event was the "Leadership Alchemy" panel, moderated by Dr. Kakoli Sen, featuring Dr. Rodriguez, Mr. Rupessh Goel, and Mr. Rajesh Dey. The panelists engaged in a thought-provoking discussion about the evolving nature of leadership and the balance between human values and organizational goals.

Additionally, the event featured a panel on "Sustainable Innovation," exploring the intersection of responsible entrepreneurship and cutting-edge research. Esteemed panelists like Mr. Jay Prakash and Mr. Mohit Goel discussed sustainable development goals, AI's role in reducing carbon footprint, and CSR initiatives' impact on society and the environment.

The event concluded with a panel on "Policy Innovation in the Digital Age," where speakers like Mr. Vamsi Chelluri and Mr. Suresh Munuswami delved into the use of AI in policy design and the importance of creating innovative solutions tailored to local needs. The INFINITY 24 event at Woxsen University also featured an impressive Expo, showcasing innovative projects and cutting-edge technologies. This Expo provided a platform for students and industry professionals to display their work, ranging from sustainable solutions to advancements in AI and digital technologies. The interactive environment of the Expo allowed attendees to engage directly with the creators, fostering a vibrant exchange of ideas and encouraging collaborative opportunities. This segment of the event highlighted Woxsen University's commitment to practical, hands-on learning and its role in driving forward-thinking initiatives.

INFINITY 24 at Woxsen University was not just an event; it was a testament to the university's leadership in bringing together the brightest minds to discuss and shape the future of innovation and policy.

About Woxsen University, Hyderabad: Woxsen University, located in Hyderabad, is one of the first private universities of the state of Telangana, India. Renowned for its 200-acre state-of-the-art campus and infrastructure, Woxsen University offers new-age, disruptive programs in the fields of Business, Technology, Arts & Design, Architecture, Law, Liberal Arts & Humanities, Sciences. With 100+ Global Partner Universities and Strong Industry Connect, Woxsen is reckoned as one of the top universities for Academic Excellence and Global Edge. Woxsen is Ranked #12, All India Top 100 B-Schools by Times B-School Ranking 2023, Rank #15, All India Top Pvt. B-School, BusinessWorld 2022, Rank #28, All India Top Engineering Colleges, EducationWorld 2023, #16 Top 50 Business schools for Research in India, IIRF 2023.

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