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We are very happy to welcome WSH University of Business in Wrocław to CEEMAN IQA community. WSH has been awarded CEEMAN IQA after undergoing a unique accreditation process which emphasizes high quality standards, the relevance of an institution’s activities in responding to meet-ing the development needs of its customers and markets, and the imperative of change and innovation.

Dr. Marta Drozdowska, WSH Vice-Rector:
»We have set ourselves very ambitious goals which we have gradually achieved in the course of the continuous improvement. It has led us to obtaining international accreditation which gives us greater recognition on the world market. Earning CEEMAN accreditation increases the value of WSH diploma in Wroclaw, in the region, in the country and abroad, increasing students' chances for employment. For the whole WSH community it is a great opportunity for further self-development, benchmarking and learning from the best - thanks to belonging to such a distinctive and noble group of universities awarded with CEEMAN IQA.«

Photo: Final session in hybrid format during the 3-day online site visit

WSH was established by a decision of the Ministry of National Education of 15 January 1997. The vision of creating a private university of business profile on the Wroclaw educational market was born in 1995 as a response to the labor market demand for highly qualified managerial staff. Thanks to the cooperation with prestigious foreign universities, as well as representatives of the world of business and science, an ambitious, constantly updated curriculum was created, which includes the implementation of five strategic objectives: education of managers for national and international business, education in accordance with European standards, education close to practice and education of high quality and educa¬tion based on international cooperation.

WSH has belonged to the VISTULA University Group since 2014. This group has 26 years of experience on the market. The University of Business in Wrocław, located in the heart of Lower Silesia, the city of Wroclaw, which is a world center of business services and an academic city with a huge intellectual and cultural potential, aims to be a leader in business education for the international community focused on changing reality for the better.  

For WSH, it is essential to contribute to a more sustainable and inclusive global economy, and help building more prosperous societies due to their curriculum and research activities. They want to constantly develop in the constantly changing world.

The mission of WSH has always been to provide education for business, close to practice, in an international dimension, at a high level. On the basis of 25 years of experience on the educational and business market, they have identified the four pillars of success, defining the leading directions of the University’s development:

•             Brand creation

•             High quality of practical education

•             Internationalization

•             Sustainable development 

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