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The January newsletter from ZIBS highlighted the successful 2023 ZIBS Academic Forum focused on business excellence and innovation, announced admissions for international students, and shared a message from the Dean about ZIBS's vision for global leadership. It also covered the ZIBS Annual Conference, the release of a whitepaper on PaaS applications in the financial industry, the ZIBS Doctoral Forum, and the "Me & China" series, emphasizing ZIBS's commitment to creating a global, innovative, and inclusive business education environment.

Event of the month:

The 2023 ZIBS Academic Forum, themed "Innovating for the Future: The Frontier in Business Excellence," was successfully held on January 13. The forum focused on topics such as data intelligence, environmental science, financial technology, digital innovation, and corporate restructuring, providing insightful perspectives and strategies for the sustainable development of the global business, technology, and education sectors.

Zhejiang University International Business School (ZIBS) is opened for its bachelor and master admissions for international students!

Based in China and with a global focus, ZIBS aims to build a technology-focused premier global business school from China, by upholding the 5"i" philosophy of being "international, interdisciplinary, innovative, inclusive and integrative", with continued emphases on 3 strategic pillars - Global ZIBS, Digital ZIBS, and the ZIBS Ecosystem.

We prepare responsible and aspiring leaders, and the ecosystem it serves, to face the challenges of an increasingly complex global business environment. Below are the program information and admission guidance, please join our journey as a Zhejiang University student today!

Message from Dean

As I reflect on our path, ZIBS has always been about more than just education: it is about creating a community of global leaders who are ready to make a difference in the world. I am someone who loves to dream. Today, with all of you, I have also conceived a new dream: firstly, when I meet top international business schools, I won't need to introduce Zhejiang University or ZIBS, nor rely on different certifications and labels to prove ZIBS worth; secondly, when I meet global leading companies, they will not feel unfamiliar just because we come from academia, and as outstanding Zhejiang businessmen go global, ZIBS can provide effective support to better serve them; thirdly, when you talk about ZIBS with your family, partner, children, or friends, I hope that they also feel proud of you as a member of ZIBS.

Our world is not limited to a city or a region; ZIBS is a global business school that should have its eyes on the global stage. Let the world be the world of ZIBS!

ZIBS Annual Conference & 2024 Annual Work Meeting

On January 15, ZIBS Annual Conference & 2024 Annual Work Meeting were successfully held. During the meeting, every department heads as well as ecosystem teams reported on the achievements of 2023 and set OKRs for 2024. Outstanding faculty and staff members and teams of 2023 were commended and recognized for their exceptional performance. 

ZIBS Eco-System

On January 25, The Trend of PaaS Applications in Financial Industry was officially released in Beijing. The whitepaper, jointly released by ZIBS eco-partners AIF and ZAFT, explains the role of PaaS platforms in driving the digital transformation of financial institutions.

ZIBS Doctoral Forum

On January 14, the ZJU Doctoral Innovation Forum and the 2023 ZIBS Doctoral Forum were successfully convened at the ZIBS. The forum aimed to provide a high-quality academic exchange platform to offer doctoral students the opportunity to present their research work and engage in various discussions.

Me & China Series

On January 6, around 40 Chinese and international students participated in "Me & China" series, "Yiwu, SEZ and BRI Synergy, A Decade of Economic Expanse" trip. They got a better understanding of the achievements of Yiwu in the past ten years and its future prospects.

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