Champion Awards
I wish to express my gratitude to  CEEMAN for this recognition [which] belongs not only to me, but also to all collaborators in Estonian Business School and other schools and research institutions.
Ruth Alas,
Estonian Business School, Estonia

Champions 2010

Management Research

Peter Trkman
Peter Trkman University of Ljubljana, Faculty of Economics, Slovenia

Peter is a young "fast-track" researcher (32 years of age) with 13 published papers as first or corresponding author in SCI/SSCI journals in the last 3.5 years. His research is focused on the study of the impact of business process redesign and technology implementation, supply chains, and public sector organization. His work is mostly theoretical, focused on model building and statistical testing, but he cites several consulting projects with Slovenian private and public sector organizations (2006-2010) where he has been able to leverage his research on practical business process redesign projects. Peter is currently a reviewer for 13 academic journals indexed in the SCI/SSCI index. His research productivity and visibility clearly support the research and innovation-based vision of the Faculty of Economics within University of Ljubljana.

Management Teaching

Themin Suwardy
Themin Suwardy Singapore Management University, Singapore

Themin is described by his University leaders as "a consistent star in the classroom" who "has been a leader in the development of new approaches to the use of technology as part of the learning experience and he has been a major contributor to the improvement of the curriculum and the pedagogy of the entire University". He was voted "most Outstranding Teacher" in the School of Accountancy in 2005 and won the "Most Innovative Teacher" award from the University in 2006. His statement of course learning objectives and assessment criteria are exemplary. He has assembled a published casebook for his course that is supplemented with own-designed e-learning exercises and a 12-episode movie (MD2D) to enliven the classroom experience. He has a visible profile in Singapore and is well-respected for contributions to e-learning. Themin's pedagogic approach with high IT content meets the learning needs of young Singaporeans.

Innovation in Course Design

Tibor Vörös
Tibor Vörös CEU Business School, Hungary

A combination of two "simulation" exercises that define a full-course simulation curriculum designed to integrate cross-functional progam learning and stretch paricipants in their decision-making, reporting, and communication skills. The initial computer-based simulation game is broad in scope, covering functional disciplines, and benefits from a story-board approach that allows the simulation director to modify game parameters during the progress of the simulation (e.g. introduction of the global financial crisis and possibility of a global war trade development during the 2009 run of the simulation). In the first simulation, participants act as a management committee. The "softer" second simulation challenges participants to conduct board meetings, to make decisions, report board meeting minutes, and to be evaluated on their decisions, in real time, in the context of changing business conditions. In both simulations, staged faculty feedback is higher and more frequent than normal for simulative exercises. The business school sponsor states that this year-long exercise "has quickly become the most praised component of the degree program". The simulation technology is transferable to other CEEMAN member business schools at reasonable cost. There is an active advertising campaign to solicit support from local business executives to judge and advise on group simulation decisions and outcomes.

Institution Building 

Gennady Lazarev
Gennady Lazarev Vladivostok State University of Economics and Service, Russia

Gennady has been recommended by his University for the award for his remarkable achievements in leading and transforming the University in the past 20 years, including vision focused on the social responsibility of the University, stream-lining of schools and departments, achievement of financial viability and institutional research productivity, developing links with Chinese universities, commitment to IT improvements, infrastructure modernization and expansion (including a theatre and concert complex, sports facilities, boarding school for gifted children, and business incubator). The University cites a pay for performance incentive system, high level of  employee and student social insurance benefits, liberal access to university infrastructure to residents of the city and guests, and social reporting initiatives as his distintive accomplishments. He is respected by University staff as "a good and modern leader". He has been awarded the Order of Freindship and the badge "Honorary Worker of Professional Education in Russia" and is a member of the Legislative Assembly of the Primorsky region.

Champion awards 2010 winners

CEEMAN Champions Award winners 2010
From left: Derek Abell, evaluation committee president, Galina Maltseva (representing Gennady Lazarev), Themin Suwardy, Danica Purg, CEEMAN President, Tibor Voros, Peter Trkman