Champion Awards
I wish to express my gratitude to  CEEMAN for this recognition [which] belongs not only to me, but also to all collaborators in Estonian Business School and other schools and research institutions.
Ruth Alas,
Estonian Business School, Estonia

Champions 2018

Innovative Pedagogy

Zoltan BuzadyCorvinus Business School, Hungary

Dr. Zoltan Buzady (BA-Law, MBA, PhD-Strategy) is Associate Professor of Leadership. At Corvinus University and at CEU Business School he had served as Faculty Director of MBA programs. Zoltan is an expert in participant-centered education and is the first person to have won twice the CEEMAN case competition awards. Guided by the motto "Learning, Leading, Leapfrogging", Zoltan has a quarter-century of experimentation and innovation at the interface of Leadership, Cross-cultural People Management and Organizational Strategy.

Together with Prof. Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, founder of positive psychology, and other colleagues they have developed FLIGBY,, the global #1-award-winning and official Flow-Leadership Development Simulation Game. FLIGBY is a great pedagogical innovation and opens new vistas for training and leadership research: As Director of the ‘Leadership & Flow Global Research Network’,, his current research focuses on combining Self-Development and Change Management ideas, aiming to further Leadership Development that is applicable in different cultural and situational contexts. Corporations and business schools now use this newly gained insights for better Talent Management and Staffing Strategies, based on modern big-data and predictive HR analysis. Zoltan is FLIGBY Ambassador for the former-Soviet Union region.

Zoltan has been selected by Google as an official Google+Create member and they now globally promote his innovative and thought-leading Google+ collections on Leadership, Flow-theory, Design Thinking, Case Method Teaching and on Effective Management Education. Contact him - follow him on Google+, LinkedIn and Facebook. He, his wife and their twin teenagers live in beautiful Budapest.


Responsible Management Education

Daniil MuravskiiInstitute of Business Studies (IBS-Moscow), RANEPA, Russia

Daniil Muravskii is a senior lecturer at IBS-Moscow, RANEPA. He holds a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from the St. Petersburg University. He has been teaching marketing since 2012 and has over 20 scientific publications. Coming from a reach background in managing consulting projects for the largest international companies, in his teaching practice he strives to align modern marketing science with current industry demand. Together with the Chief Digital Officer at L'Oreal Russia he launched the first "Digital marketing management" course in Russia, which is aimed at preparing future specialists to deal with the challenges of planning and managing digital marketing campaigns in international organisations.

Daniil actively applies modern educational technologies, such as gamification, blended format courses, and flipped classroom approaches. As the Director of Digital marketing and online education studio (GSOM studio) he managed the creation of numerous online courses for his colleagues and large Russian companies. His training "Gamification for managers" received critical acclaim, and has been used to educate both students and managers in using gamification and other non-material incentives to increase the motivation and efficiency of staff.

He is also the founder of MOST (MObile STudents) - a student project targeted at creating friendly environment and accessible facilities in the sphere of higher education for people with restricted mobility. MOST organized educational, entertaining and sports events engaging thousands of students and encouraging them to interact freely with successful, interesting and inspiring people with disabilities.


Institutional Management

Sophia OpatskaLviv Business School of Ukrainian Catholic University, Ukraine

Sophia Opatska is the Founding Dean and Chairman of the Supervisory Board of Lviv Business School of UCU (LvBS) and Vice Rector for Academic Affairs at the Ukrainian Catholic University. Being a mother of two, she tirelessly and devotedly develops the environment in which she works and, at the same time, she grows professionally. Sophia is a vivid example of women's leadership, the idea that LvBS is constantly promoting and supporting in its programs.

Her areas of expertise are Organizational Behavior and Learning Organizations, Organization Development, Entrepreneurship. With this expertise background, during the time of economic crisis in 2008, she became one of the founders of Lviv Business School of UCU, aiming the idea to bring the community of business people inside Ukraine together with a common goal of promoting the «brand» of Ukraine outside the country. This is where the mission of LvBS originates from: putting «Ukraine on the World Business-map». During this decade under the leadership of Sophia Opatska LvBS has developed from a small start-up to a truly successful institution and now LvBS is one of the three best business schools in Ukraine. Starting from one program Key Executive MBA in 2008, LvBS has now 3 more: MSc in Technology Management, MA in Human Resources and Organization Development and MSc in Innovations. Up to 20 names of open-enrollment programs of Executive Education run every year in different Ukrainian cities. Within the process of reforming the country, LvBS has being involved with educating of 1000 Ukrainian state officials for the last 4 years. In 2016 the School was internationally acknowledged by CEEMAN IQA accreditation. LvBS now has 82 faculty from 15 countries who work full time or are visiting professors on regular basis. 96,3% of LvBS graduates said that studies at LvBS was valuable investement.

But it’s not about education only. Lviv Business School is an organization which grows companies by growing people. That is why at the very beginning of the school’s founding, the Community of LvBS was created: a unique platform for business development, an environment for networking that stay in close contact with LvBS thanks to special meetings and events that are aimed at life-long learning. Community participants develop partnerships not only in their businesses, but also in social projects (social entrepreneurship, scholarships for UCU students and LvBS students, etc).

Currently, Sophia is taking care of the School’s development strategies from the position of a member of the Supervisory Board, having stepped away from daily management activities after she accepted an offer for the position of Academic Vice-Rector at UCU. She has shaped a reliable team that she can trust. But she is always there, if there is a need of advice or support.