CEEMAN Champion Award Winners 2016
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CEEMAN Champion Awards 2016 winners have been selected. Since 2010 CEEMAN has been recognizing outstanding achievements of individuals associated with CEEMAN. See who is awarded this year!

CEEMAN Champion Awards were launched for the first time in 2010 in line with CEEMAN’s effort to promote and reward excellence and outstanding achievements that bring in diversity, creativity, and innovation, while satisfying a set of pre-determined evaluation criteria that particularly value how the accomplishments are likely to contribute to business practice and knowledge in the local environment and how they contribute to the institution’s vision and strategy. The potential transferability to other CEEMAN institutions and management development in general was considered as an additional value.

The sixth call for nominations for the CEEMAN Champion Awards received 16 nominations from 13 institutions in 11 countries (Austria, Croatia, Georgia, Germany, Hungary, Kazakhstan, Poland, Qatar, Russia, Singapore, and Slovenia).

The nominations were reviewed by the CEEMAN 2016 Champion Award Jury composed of Jim Ellert, IMTA Academic Director; Arshad Ahmad, Member of the IMTA Faculty Team and Associate Vice President at McMaster University in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada and Olga Veligurska, CEEMAN Director.

After careful deliberation of all submissions, the jury decided the winners are:

  • Rosie Ching, Singapore Management University in Management Teaching category
  • Krzysztof Obloj, Kozminski University and Warsaw University, Poland in Management Research category
  • Peter Hardi, CEU Business School, Hungary, in Responsible Management Education category
  • Krysztof Rybiński, Narxoz Univeristy, Kazakhstan is the winner of the Institutional Management Award
  • Vladimir Soloviev, Financial University under the Government of Russian Federation, Russia for Institutional Support.

More information on the winners and their achievements will be published in October and the December issue of CEEMAN News will feature an interview with the winners.

All previous CEEMAN Champions can be seen here.

Congratulations to all the winners who will be awarded at the 24rd CEEMAN Annual Conference Award Ceremony taking place on 30 September.

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