First Online Program Management Seminar Successfully Concluded
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This year, for the first time in CEEMAN’s history, Program Management Seminar was re-designed for an online format to allow flexibility and global participation. After completing the module 2, we can proudly say that the new format is a big success.

The three-day module 1 took place on 25-27 August and began with setting a cordial atmosphere by Prof. Danica Purg, CEEMAN President, who welcomed all of the 27 participants - a diverse group of program managers, heads of departments and deans from 11 countries.

After a lighthearted round of introductions, the first day was focused on exploring the role and challenges of the program manager, especially in connection to the customer satisfaction. Paul Matthyssens and Danica Purg, shared their views on the topic and led the discussions.

Second day was dedicated to the important topic of managing ourselves, with Danica Purg going deep into the ethical responsibilities of a program manager, as well as the questions of time management and handling priorities. Paul Matthyssens spoke about deans’ views on excellent program management, setting the bar for the ideal program manager very high.

On the third day Paul Matthyssens and Olga Veligurska shared covid-related lessons, while Nenad Filipović spoke about customer-centric and service-oriented program management. The day was concluded with exploring the options and plans for the future career steps.

The participants had a unique opportunity to get individual mentoring during the one-on-one sessions with faculty members in September, before continuing with the module 2 on 14-15 October.

Second module started with a day dedicated to important topics of communication and reputation building, as well as marketing and sales approaches for program management, brilliantly presented by Andrew Crisp. He was joined by Danica Purg later in the day, to discuss how to engage and harness the power of alumni.

On the last day, Drikus Kriek lead us on the path of re-thinking what team work really means and what our role is in working together with various stakeholders. The seminar concluded with inspiring inputs from the participants regarding the main idea or tool they will take from this seminar and implement in their daily work.

We are happy to say that the seminar was once again a fusion of great program management ideas, tools and experiences from around the globe and we are very much looking forward to the 2022 edition of the seminar.

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