The CEEMAN’s extensive programs provide an excellent platform for discussions and thinking about how the improved quality of management and management schools can be the catalyst to drive urgently needed changes, innovation and creativity.
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21st CEEMAN Annual Conference

Bled, Slovenia


Proceedings of the 21st CEEMAN Annual Conference

Video Proceedings of the 21st CEEMAN Annual

21st CEEMAN Annual Conference and Related Events
CEEMAN’s 21st Annual Conference was held on 25-27 September 2013 in Bled, Slovenia. It was   organized by CEEMAN and the IEDC-Bled School of Management, and hosted by Danica Purg, the president of the two institutions. The general theme of the conference was "Business Schools as Responsible Change Agents: From Transition to Transformation".
The agenda included:

  • CEEMAN Annual Meeting
  • 21st CEEMAN Annual Conference
  • CEEMAN 2013 Champion Awards, CEEMAN IQA and 19th CEEMAN Case Writing Competition Awards
  • CEEMAN’s 20th Anniversary Celebration

CEEMAN Annual Meeting
The CEEMAN Annual Meeting was held on 25 September 2013. CEEMAN members received a report on the association’s activities in the previous academic year, as well as highlights of the main results achieved in the 20-year long history of the association. Participants in the Annual Meeting were invited to provide ideas and suggestions for CEEMAN's future work.

21st CEEMAN Annual Conference: "Business Schools as Responsible Change Agents: From Transition to Transformation"
CEEMAN was established as an association of business schools primarily focused on the challenges and opportunities of the huge economic restructuring and social transformation in CEE. However, CEEMAN member institutions, and the association as a whole, have gradually turned their focus from the transition-specific issues in CEE toward those related to change in general and in all emerging markets that we call dynamic societies. By playing the role of important change agents in their specific contexts, they have acquired a unique experience that is today globally relevant. The whole world is searching for new answers related to the role of business in society, sustainable development, responsible leadership, and responsible management education.
Since the 21st CEEMAN Annual Conference was held in conjunction with the 2013 PRME Summit, the 5th PRME Annual Assembly, it provided a rare opportunity to bring together the respective PRME and CEEMAN members to discuss and share views and ideas related to the new ways of developing leaders for the future that we want and the role of business schools as responsible change agents.
CEEMAN conference contributed to creating a new intellectual, research, educational, and institutional agenda by discussing challenges and opportunities related to new research questions, innovative educational programs and processes, the impact of technology on management education, and the institutional and partnership arrangements for business schools as transformational change agents.
The 21st CEEMAN Annual Conference initiated such dialogues by bringing together representatives of business, policy makers, and business schools from around the globe. 
The main topics of the conference included:

  • Green Economy and Society: Competitiveness and Social Cohesion
  • Putting Sustainable Development and Responsible Management Education into Practice
  • Leaderships development: Lessons and Inspiration from Philosophy, Sciences, Culture, and the Arts
  • Innovation and Future-Oriented Learning
  • Working and Learning Together for a Better World

Prominent speakers, including political, academic, and business leaders, addressed these issues and led discussions. The event was chaired by CEEMAN Board Member, Derek Abell, the Founding President of the ESMT School of Technology and Management, Berlin, Germany, Professor Emeritus of IMD-Lausanne.

20th Anniversary of CEEMAN
CEEMAN has been celebrating its 20th anniversary during the whole year. Nevertheless, the 21st CEEMAN Annual Conference was an opportunity to evoke and celebrate the association's outstanding achievements in the past 20 years. This was  integrated into the whole proceedings of the event, while the conference gala dinner and the CEEMAN Annual Meeting provided opportunities for presenting the anniversary book and film, expressions of gratitude, as well as special awards and tributes to CEEMAN members and individuals who personally and institutionally supported CEEMAN in the past two decades.
CEEMAN conferences are always noted not only for their valuable content but also for the friendly, family-like atmosphere. This specificity acquired a special dimension when CEEMAN is celebrating its great jubilee – the 20th anniversary!


Conference Chairperson

Derek Abell
Prof. Derek AbellProfessor Emeritus, ESMT - European School of Management and Technology, UK

Conference Speakers

Danica Purg
Prof. Danica PurgPresident of CEEMAN and IEDC-Bled School of Management, Slovenia
Mr. Janez PotočnikEuropean Commissioner for Environment, Slovenia
Mr. George LogushVice Rector Ukrainian Catholic University and Chair of Supervisory Board of Lviv Business School, former CEO of Kraft Food Ukraine and Emerging Markets
Mr. Ulrik NehammerChief Executive Officer, Coca-Cola Erfrischungsgetraenke AG, Germany
Mr. David BuckleyCFO, Studio Moderna, Slovenia
Gazmed Haxhia
Gazmend HaxhiaPresident of ACMS and A.S.G. Group, Albania
Prof. Nick BinedellDean at the Gordon Institute of Business Science Johannesburg, South Africa
Medeja LončarCEO Siemens, Slovenia
Prof. Natalia BukhstaberActing Associate Dean, Business School, Lomonosov Moscow State University, Russia
Sergey Myasoedov
Prof. Sergey MyasoedovVice-Rector of the Academy of the Russian President, Dean, IBS-Moscow President of RABE, Russia
Virginijus Kundrotas
Prof. Virginijus KundrotasDean of Adizes Graduate School,President of BMDA, Lithuania
Prof.Antonio FreitasPast President of CLADEA and member of the PRME Steering Commitee
Mr. Thami GhorfiCEO of ESCA School of Management, Representing MENA, Morocco
Mr. Guy Pffefermann, CEO of GSBN, France

Conference Track 1: Eductaional Program: Content, Process and Methodologies


Prof. Kathrin MuffBusiness School Lausanne, Switzerland


Dr. Mary GentileBabson College, USA
Prof. Al RosenbloomDominican University, USA
Dr. Andrejs DzedonsRiga Business School, Latvia

Conference Track 2: Research and Publications


Prof. Patricia M. FlynnBentley University, USA


Will FoppenMaastricht University, School of Business and Economics, The Netherlands
Prof. Maciej ZukowskiPoznan University of Economics, Poland
Prof. Ahmed Abdel-MeguidAmerican University in Cairo, Egypt

Conference Track 3: Institutional Management Practices


Sergey Mordovin
Prof. Sergey MordovinRector, IMISP - International Management Institute St Petersburg, Russia


Prof. Stefano PilottoMIB-Trieste, Italy
Prof. Norman de Paula Arruda FilhoAdvanced Institute of Administration, Brazil
Ms. Natalia MakayevaIPM Business School, Belarus

Conference Track 4: Partnership Arrangements


Irina Sennikova
Dr. Irina SennikovaRector of RISEBA - Riga International School of Economics and Business Administration, Latvia


Mr. Damien FarrellAustralian Applied Management Colloquium, Australia
Prof. Carole ParkesAston Business School, UK
Mr. Ishrat HussainInstitute of Business Administration Karachi, Pakistan

CEEMAN Gala Dinner and Awards ceremony Dinner Speaker

Janez ŠkrabecCEO of Riko, Slovenia


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